At Cindy Douglas & Associates we create sustainable companies capable of thriving during good times and bad. We achieve success not through cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all methods, but by delivering custom programs, designed to reduce the pain, accelerate growth and give you liftoff.



It's not just a book to be read; but shared. Begin the journey to leverageyour talents, inspire your team, and boost performance to fast track your success.

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Completing the Winslow Assessment System™ is your way to:​

  • Gain Insights on your strengths

  • Improve personal performance by capitalizing on those strengths

  • A successful career that brings contentment.

  • Take the Winslow Dynamics Profile™

  • Receive your Winslow Dynamics Profile™

  • Use your strengths to succeed!


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We all have the inherent wisdom to set smart goals and achieve amazing results that can transform our lives and businesses.


Whether for individuals, groups or businesses, Best Year Yet® provides the perfect platform for support, focus, self-motivation, and accountability to ensure the results you’ve always wanted in business and in life.

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