Individuals and Organization that utilize and benefit from Winslow Behavior and Assessment System:

Jack Canfield

Steven Covey

Robert Kiyosaki

Brian Tracy

Deniss Waitley

Zig Ziglar

Almost all MLB Teams

30 NHL Teams

13 NHF Teams

5 NBA Teams

16 Olympic Teams

The US Government

500+ Colleges



The Franklin Covey Organization

The Professional Education Institute

Multiple Fortune 500/100 Companies



“Cindy helped me distill my sales pitches down into smaller pieces, analyzing each portion—not just what I say, but how I say it. When we put it all back together, what we had was a much more effective sales pitch. The conversion rate from the improvements have been tremendous.”

Paul Minnick

Global Mortgage Loans

“I hired Cindy for business coaching and marketing. What I liked about Cindy’s approach is it’s more personal. She gets to know you and your business intimately. She has helped me build systems that work even when I’m not.”

Linda Ramirez | Broker

Owner Realty World My San Diego

“Cindy brought her financial background and ideas into the building of my business plan. We studied and used different formulas from other successful organizations. With Cindy and her 3M note pads, for the first time, I was actually able to visualize my company as a whole.”

Steve Thompson

Founder Guruu International

“Cindy really took and interest in me and the business, and listened. She got to the heart of the issues, was able to extract the meaning from those, and then helped me create a better business plan for the upcoming year.”

Sarah Jean

Founder Coconut World

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