Does your business run into peaks and valleys instead of following a steady climb upward? Are you ready to move up to the next tier? Twelve of the nation’s top mortgage professionals have graciously shared their stories on how they prospered during stormy weather and have continued to succeed through double digit interest rates, housing bubbles, or most recently, the worst financial crisis since the Depression. You’ll also see how proper shifting can lead to extreme success. Learn how to prosper, no matter what the current climate is from the best of the best. Do this by:

  • Growing Your Personal Brand through insight provided by Greg Frost.

  • Making it Rain with excellent how-tos from David Jaffe.

  • Mastering Consumer Direct Marketing with tips provided by Karen Deis.

  • Closing $100m with a team of just three following Michael Deery’s roadmap.

  • Building a Business Annuity by mirroring Jeff Lake’s activities.

These and other mega producers take you step by step through how they got started, what they did when the tides changed, and how conquering shifts has led them to a life of success, prosperity, and contentment. We hope they inspire you in the same way they inspired us.

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