When work and personal pressures collide, wellness and engagement suffers. With the current 24/7 culture and all-consuming technology, individuals are more overwhelmed than ever. People need whole-life balance and want to feel their employer is committed to their well-being in all areas; if not, they will move on to an organization who is. Most companies stop at insurance and profit/sharing benefit plans. Personal development and wellness programs are often talked about, but not delivered. For those that are, many are limited in scope, expensive, and/or don’t stick. Best Year Yet’s online, interactive, affordable subscription based model is ideal for self-motivators. For those that find the benefit in having a helping hand one of our certified coaches is there to guide them on their journey.


Best Year Yet’s Live Your Life program is a self-paced online workshop for individuals that is an accessible and easy way for individuals to clarify what matters most to them. It helps them to set goals to achieve their full potential. This engaging platform leads those that partake through a series of questions via video support.  Participants acknowledged disappointments from the past and celebrate their wins. This puts individuals in the position to recognize what they learned from those experiences. Setting the stage for a powerful mindset and attitude adjustment based on their definition of success. Value clarification, along with the removal of self-imposed barriers leads to the creation of their all-important “top ten” goals for the next 12 months. Their annual plan comes to life with the combination of Best Year Yet’s online software platform, with additional video guides and learning resources to help them "play the game" driving their progress all year long.

  • Self-paced, online, interactive workshop in modules

  • Video guides and “my coach says” content

  • Online tools for yearlong implementation

  • Accessible from any device, any location

  • Deployed for open-enrollment or with other programs

  • Subscription model; choice of several packages

  • ADD-ONs: Intact team leader dashboards, coaching skills training, customized sustainability programs 

  • A one-page individual annual plan built online in the workshop plus their first month’s goals

  • Video instruction in using Producing Results Online® (PRO) to track progress from any device

  • Yearlong subscription to Best Year Yet® Online including our PRO software, smart phone app, audio lessons and 

  • additional learning resources 

  • Sustainability program with monthly inspiration, mastery 

  • exercises and more 

  • A fun and profound self-paced experience 

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