Managing the energies and dynamics of teams to generate results often rates high as an organizational challenge. From experience, we know teams that have individuals who are content in their present role, and are positioned to succeed have a winning attitude. Once alignment, productivity, communication, learning, well-being, focus, accountability, and leadership, are incorporated the critical elements that drive high performance and results. If these factors are not in place sustainable growth often suffers as shifting priorities have the ability to derail agreed upon goals. This is when the group spear heading the company’s initiatives or a strategic plan appears to lose its effectiveness. That’s where the Best Year Yet program comes in.


Our Fast Track program is a facilitated workshop program for teams. This proven approach quickly drives team alignment and values clarity. During our session, we create a shared vision. We celebrate the previous year’s wins and acknowledge past disappointments. Our certified coach aids participants who are operating with limited paradigms to shift their present mindset. The group constructs guidelines that highlights the top ten goals for the year. Since they bring their individual voices and skills into the experience, they remove their self-imposed barriers creating buy-in. The result is a strategic plan that aligns with organization’s key initiatives. Best Year Yet’s online software provides access for team members to set and track weekly action steps, monthly goals and quarterly milestones via the team dashboard. Optional executive leadership and individual coaching are available to round out this high-value, highly rated system. Companies often launch our Raise the Bar program to guide individuals in creating their own plan for the year with an option to roll their goals up to the team plan.

  • Dynamic, instructor-led 2-day onsite team workshop

  • Deployed for any team, resulting in unified goals

  • Effective for all levels and functions

  • Leaders and team members participate

  • Online tools for yearlong implementation

  • ADD-ONs: Team dashboard for real-time tracking, facilitated monthly reviews, Raise the Bar to create individual plans 

  • Highly -skilled facilitation and coaching

  • A one-page team annual plan built online in the workshop plus their first month's goals

  • Instruction in using Producing Results Online® (PRO) to score and track progress from any device

  • Yearlong subscription to Best Year Yet® online including our PRO software, audio lessons, and powerful learning resources

  • Sustainability program with monthly reviews, quarterly reviews and capability for multiple champions on shared goals 

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