What happens to your employee’s performance when their best self is not in the game? If employees aren’t happy then their energy level suffers. Symptoms begin to appear resulting in lack of engagement and loss of effectiveness. Achieving results and thriving across all areas in business and life is not easy. From experience, we know people schedule their priorities. Tapping into what makes a person naturally content combined with their inherent personality traits becomes a strong recipe for success, for both them and the company. Our proven formula simplifies the process delivering clarity and results that speak for themselves.


Best Year Yet’s Raise the Bar program is a facilitated group workshop geared towards individuals. It’s a dynamic process that balances organizational initiatives with what matters most to the individual. This unique, blended learning experience guides participants through a series of questions to create and establish a major area of focus over the next year. Participants acknowledge disappointments from the past and celebrate their wins. This puts individuals in the position to recognize what they learned from those experiences. Setting the stage for a powerful mindset and attitude adjustment based on their definition of success. Value clarification, along with the removal of self-imposed barriers leads to the creation of their all-important “top ten” goals for the next 12 months. Their annual plan comes to life with the combination of Best Year Yet’s online software, resources and mobile application providing yearlong sustainability. The result is a more engaged, productive and balanced relationship between the employee and their leader.

  • Dynamic, instructor-led 6.5 hour group workshop

  • Delivered in-person or virtually

  • Deployed for open enrollment groups or intact teams

  • Includes activities, peer interaction and spot coaching

  • Online tools for yearlong implementation

  • ADD-ONs: Intact team leader dashboards, coaching skills training, customized sustainability programs 

  • Highly-skilled facilitation and coaching

  • A one-page individual annual plan built online in the workshop plus their first month’s goals

  • Instruction in using Producing Results Online® (PRO) to score and track progress from any device

  • Yearlong subscription to Best Year Yet® Online including PRO software, smart phone app, audio lessons, and additional learning resources

  • Sustainability program with monthly inspiration, mastery exercises and more