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Improving a team’s performance is an ongoing challenge for managers at all levels. Ignite achievement and minimize turnover with proven team building techniques from Cindy Douglas & Associates. If you are an owner, manager or filling both roles how many times have you wished you could clone your best employees? Now you can with the implementation of the industry leader in personality prediction and analysis.

Company owners, branch managers, and team leaders it’s time to maximize your employee’s potential, increase loyalty and retention while reducing turnover costs.

Your organization is only as strong as your weakest link. Employee assessments from Cindy Douglas & Associates will enable you to maximize staff effectiveness by matching their responsibilities to correspond with their specific strengths.

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Team Building | Powered By Winslow Reports™

Using the industry leader in personality prediction, our certified experts evaluate your team members based on 24 personality characteristics related to career-success and personal contentment. The combination of all 24 personality traits fall into four groups:

  • Interpersonal Traits influence the quality and effectiveness the potential applicant will have with their manager’s peers, subordinates and customers. In a nutshell how they will fit into the organization’s culture.

  • Organizational Traits indicate the employee’s ability to organize and control all elements of their personal and physical environment.

  • Dedication Traits are fundamental to the success and happiness regardless of the participant’s career or position. Employees who are content are less apt to leave which significantly reduces the cost of employee run-off.

  • Self-Control Traits indicate the employee’s ability to cope with stress and their ability to manage their emotions under stressful situations. For example a person who is low in tough mindedness is less likely to be successful in sales than those that have a stronger constitution in this area.

  • Winslow Reports™ provide immediate and accurate insight into the personal traits of those making up your team. The program complements management skill by objectively analyzing the behavioral patterns and attitudes of employees.


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The fact is retaining highly qualified employees is a challenge for any organization. Today’s employees want more than a good salary and benefits. They want an atmosphere where they can grow professionally and personally.

This is the power behind personality assessments. They uncover potential areas of strength for each member of the team. This scientific approach removes the guesswork involved with escalating employee’s levels of achievement for themselves and the organization.


Most people have the skills, knowledge and, experience and education to perform their duties. What they are lacking in most cases is the personality required for their specific career that will allow them to perform successfully. When this occurs, employees typically show symptoms of discontentment and half hearted efforts often times resulting in an environment of negativity, high turn-over costs or both.

Placing people in the right positions within the organization is the key to the overall success of any business.

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