What’s it take to find a superstar, let alone hire one? X-Ray vision? Clairvoyance?

Anyone who has ever gone through the hiring process knows finding the right person for the job, sifting through reams of resumes, separating the fact from the fiction is at best time consuming, at worst hit and miss. We know like you do finding that person who has the talent AND fits into the organization’s culture requires more than a background check. Now is the time to take a technological leap forward in candidate analysis.

Company owners, branch managers, and team leaders it’s time to eliminate the guesswork out of finding your next hire.

Get the inside track on hiring with precision. Pre-employment assessments from Cindy Douglas & Associates help you zero in on job candidates best suited for success within your operation.

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Applicant Selection | Powered By Winslow Reports™

The Winslow Assessments contains numerous questions measuring 24 personality characteristics including self-confidence, assertiveness, coachability responsibility, ambition and mental toughness. The combination of all 24 personality traits fall into four groups:

  • Interpersonal Traits influence the quality and effectiveness the potential applicant will have with their manager’s peers, subordinates and customers. In a nutshell how they will fit into the organization’s culture.

  • Organizational Traits indicate the applicant’s ability to organize and control all elements of an individual’s personal and physical environment.

  • Dedication Traits are fundamental to the success and happiness regardless of the participant’s career or position. Employees who are content are less apt to leave which significantly reduces the cost of employee run-off.

  • Self-Control Traits indicate the applicant’s ability to cope with stress and their ability to manage their emotions under stressful situations.

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Don’t leave the most important decisions your company makes solely to the gut reactions and intuitions of hiring managers.

Gain accurate insight by using a scientifically proven program. All assessments are rated for their reliability, a 70% ranking is considered acceptable. The Winslow Assessment scores considerably higher at 90% for three of the personality groups and 80% for the fourth.

Once candidates complete the Winslow Assessment Profile, you will know exactly what makes them tick, what role they are most apt to succeed in, which maximizes your organization’s performance and the overall customer experience. Improve your hiring precision, maximize performance, assess potential, and minimize turnover costs while increasing employee retention and loyalty. Get started for FREE!


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When you click the button below, we will arrange for a time for us to talk. This initial meeting will take 15 minutes. We will provide you further details about Winslow assessments and our effective process for applicant selection. Start with a free test drive. We will administer the Winslow test to two individuals of your choice absolutely free, and without obligation. The Winslow questionnaire is taken over the Internet, and typically requires only a few minutes to complete.