How a person inter-relates with others and how the people in their life influence how they will communicate. 

Thinking Traits.
They indicate how a person will function in an environmental setting.

Emotional traits.
This is an individual's self-talk.

Fundamental to success. Ambition, hard work and dedication are illustrative of the traits in this group.

The 24 Traits



Extroverted, outgoing, friendly, gregarious, neighborly congenial. Warmhearted individuals who enjoy interactive and participating with others. They greet strangers openly, are quick to form friendships, and enjoy careers dealing with people rather than things. They are rarely content in solitary work.


Proper, cooperative, courteous, accommodating, considerate, polite, respectful. Have a strong desire to be viewed as a socially desirable person by friends, coworkers, and others. Try to do things correctly and meet the expectation of others. Want their accomplishments to be recognized and rewarded.


Dependable, loyal, ethical, honorable, trustworthy, dutiful, faithful, moralistic. Place the desires and welfare of others before their own personal preferences. Willing to do things according to rules; will not attempt to bend the rules to suit their personal needs; will not attempt to take advantage of others. Could be inflexible.


Exhibitionistic, entertaining, demonstrative, expressive, flamboyant, colorful, dramatic. Have a strong desire to be the center of attention and to have an audience. Will use words, actions and possessions to draw attention to themselves. Sometimes this behavior can be inappropriate or over whelming, depending upon their timing and tact.


Open, confiding, trusting, unsuspicious, believing, tolerant, ready to forget difficulties, naive. Exceptionally trusting individuals who readily accept others for who they are. Believe what others say; are free of jealous tendencies and tend to get along well with most people; pliant to changes. Could be gullible.


Compassionate, sympathetic, kindhearted, benevolent, caring, protective, and charitable. Very nurturing individuals who provide compassion and support to others. Readily communicate their concern for the well-being of others and express their willingness to do whatever they can to assist others. May take on the problems of others inappropriately.



Intelligent, bright, fast learning, insightful, cerebral, understanding. Have higher general mental capacity and are able to think in the abstract. Have the ability to learn quickly and comprehend complex relationships. Able to make good decisions, see alternative or creative solutions to problems, and be innovative.


Meticulous, exacting, precise, definite, perfectionistic, fastidious, exacting, planful. Have highly structured thinking processes. Have the ability to structure their thinking and organize their thoughts effectively. Carefully plan and organize activities, and make few mistakes. This structure, however, may limit their creativity.


Methodical, tidy, orderly, neat, clean, organized, systematic. Constantly strive to maintain physical order in their environment, and have a strong dislike for disorder and clutter. For them to be comfortable, their career and personal environments should reflect this physical order.


Adaptable, changeable, open, versatile, flexible. Very receptive to change and do not become upset when required to adapt to changes in their career or personal life. Readily accept new ideas and procedures, and let go of old ones when they are no longer productive. May be inconsistent and unpredictable.


Innovative, inquisitive, artistic, curious, experimenting, theoretical. Have an experimental approach to life, with a strong desire to make improvements and create new ways of doing things. Frequently discontent with the way things are and, spend much time thinking about how they could be improved.


Accountable, reliable, humble, answerable, possibly self-critical and guilt prone. Willingly accept total responsibility for the consequences of their words or actions. View criticism from others as a challenge to improve, rather than a cause for anger. Try very hard to meet the expectations of others. May accept responsibility even when not at fault.



Competitive, aspiring, enthusiastic, enterprising, industrious, goal-oriented, eager, striving. Strong desire to reach higher levels of achievement and to respond positively to competitive situations. Aspire to accomplish difficult tasks and set and maintain high goals. Tend to approach most situations competitively


Industrious, energetic, determined, vigorous, diligent, enduring, persevering. Willing to put forth the physical effort necessary to be successful. Will exert sustained effort and persistence to accomplish their tasks and goals. Unrelenting in work habits, will practice long and hard, and will not give up easily on problems.


Aggressive, persuasive, influential, headstrong, opinionated, possibly argumentative and hostile. Believe that being assertive and taking the offensive is essential to attaining success. They make things happen, rather than waiting for them to happen, and are willing to be forceful in order to get a job done. May be authoritarian.


Adventurous, daring, carefree, brave, courageous, audacious, fearless. Uninhibited individuals who are willing to try new and different experiences. They and can function normally even in unfamiliar environments, and are quick to accept challenges and willing to take risks to accomplish their objectives. May be pushy and ignore warning signs


Cooperative, dependable, compliant, responsive, respectful, considerate, compliant, obliging, accommodating, devoted, loyal. Have respect for managers and the management process. Believe that direction, feedback, and even criticism are crucial to career development. Strive to meet their managers’ demands and will respect other authority figures.


Dominant, influential, controlling, dynamic, commanding, forceful, directing, authoritative. Very strong desire to control, influence and direct others. Assume the role of leader naturally and enjoy the responsibility and challenge of being in charge. Have an active leadership style, and are quick to take control of situations.



Self-assured, certain, secure, brave, fulfilled, poised, self-reliant. Believe they have the knowledge and ability to be successful at whatever they attempt. Cope successfully with challenges and are not easily discouraged. Handle unexpected situations well, make decisions with assurance, and are quick to express ideas and opinions.


Calm, emotionally mature, tranquil, peaceful, serene, unperturbed, placid, composed. Can control their emotions and function effectively in stressful situations. Have the capability to maintain composure in stressful situations. Have the capability to maintain composure and deal with stress in a calm, objective manner. Rarely allow their feelings to negatively affect performance, and are not easily discouraged or frustrated by problems. Will not become upset over mistakes or misfortune


Resilient, realistic, unsentimental, tough-minded, durable, hard, possibly insensitive and callous. Can function normally in difficult and unpleasant situations. Not deterred by obstacles, disappointments or setbacks. Can accept strong criticism, do not become easily upset, and recover quickly when things go wrong. Do not need excessive praise or encouragement from others.


Independent, individualistic, self-governing, self-reliant, possibly insubordinate. Prefer to function independently and are accustomed to doing things their way. Rarely ask for opinions, since they favor their own decisions. When their freedom is curtailed, they may become rebellious and difficult to manage.


Satisfied, fulfilled, cheerful, gratified, joyful, happy, contented. Exceptionally content with themselves and the vast majority of circumstances in their live. Cope with most problems well and have an optimistic outlook on life. Laugh frequently, smile readily, and find humor in situations, even negative ones


Deliberate, calculating, analytical, designing, possibly indecisive and prone to procrastinate. Highly disciplined, maintain control over their behavior and do not act impulsively. It would be unusual for them to speak or act without considering the consequences. May be slow to act or hesitant to make decisions in some situations.